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Directions to the School Office:  Enter the courtyard between the school and church on Canal Street. Take the outer stairs on the left to the second floor and ring the bell to the right of the double doors.
Located at 4600 Canal Street in the heart of Mid-City, our school reflects the wonderful blend of cultures that is unique to New Orleans and our students exemplify the strengths inherent in that diversity. (Map For 100 years, since 1915, St. Anthony of Padua School has served the New Orleans community with a commitment to quality education. The emphasis of our philosophy is on shaping a student's character as well as his mind, and this is achieved through the personal, demanding attention of our dedicated faculty. Our school has developed an outstanding array of academic and auxiliary programs which have been nationally and locally recognized. St. Anthony of Padua was the first elementary school in the archdiocese to receive the Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in Education.  
4601 Cleveland Avenue  •  New Orleans, Louisiana  70119 Phone: (504)488-4426  •  Fax: (504)488-5373 E-mail:
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